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Janine E. Profile Thumb

Janine E.

6 days ago

The value is good, but the upkeep of the building is really bad. It takes FORVER to get something fixed , the halls are scary and dirty all the time.

Trevor C. Profile Thumb

Trevor C.

7 days ago

The apartment is great, my roommates are really cool, and the walk to campus is a lot closer than my previous apartment! The only issue is with some other neighbors and making a couple of messes here and there by the elevators. Other than that, my experience here has been great.

Erick F. Profile Thumb

Erick F.

8 days ago

Only issues are the building is quite far from the university and the hallways need to be repainted. Staff is very quick to solve issues in the apartment and the ground floor is always clean.

Summer F. Profile Thumb

Summer F.

1 month ago

Living here is amazing and perfect for my first apartment. Maintenence responds very quickly and I love the amenities. Its a little far from UT's campus but its a nice 15 minute walk to clear my head before the day starts.

Jordan C. Profile Thumb

Jordan C.

1 month ago

It’s been alright the people who work in the office are nice, but my apartment was more dirty than I expected when I moved in. I am not sure if that is on the apartment or my previous roommate but I have seen a roach, as well as a silver fish in my apartment and needless to say those things are very nasty.

Aleyxandra S. Profile Thumb

Aleyxandra S.

1 month ago

I have loved living here since the beginning of this Fall 2019 semester. The staff is always so personable and friendly which seems to be getting even more rare nowadays, so I am very impressed with staffing. I love waking up to different events and catered food to our complex. Always a wonderful experience.

Rachael J. Profile Thumb

Rachael J.

1 month ago

Staff are helpful and friendly, the complex is clean and im happy here. Close to campus and not surrounded by much noise. A pleasant place to live

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